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Cherkessk, st. Lenina 332A
Operating mode: 09:00 - 18:00
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Clothing industry

The sewing shops of the Nellex factory use modern equipment from the world's leading manufacturers Juki, Yamato. Sewing park is equipped with both semi-automatic and automatic sewing machines. The factory has a wide range of equipment: semiautomatic machines for making fastenings and sewing accessories (short-tailed), sewing machines, zigzag stitching machines, stitching machines, lockstitch machines, etc. The modern kettles of Star make it possible to produce premium quality products. Widely used modern cutting equipment. Great attention is paid to the factory's safety and labor protection. Excellent working conditions have been created, taking into account all norms and international standards. At the sewing site, as well as in other production areas of the factory, highly skilled specialists are involved. Professional management and accounting of all sewing workshop processes are conducted. What ensures the timely execution of the production order. And also tracking the "route" of each item of goods located in the production premises of the sewing workshop. The technical equipment of the sewing and kettling park allows the production of sewing designer products from various materials.